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Latest Updates on the SAT/ACT: More sessions in the Fall and At-Home Testing Options

The College Board, the company which administers the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) Tests, and American College Testing, Inc, which administers the ACT, both gave updates this week regarding standardized testing later this year.l

The ACT announced that:

  • Flexible scheduling will be offered to students to take the ACT during the months of June and July. This will apply between June 13 to June 20 and July 18 to July 15. Students will also be able to make free test date changes from the June to July sessions.

  • In addition to the three previous planned ACT tests in September, October, and December, there will also be a remote proctoring option offered in the Fall or Winter of 2020 which will allow students to take the test at home on a computer.

The College Board announced that:

  • The June 6 SAT and SAT subject tests are cancelled

  • If there are no public health concerns, SAT tests will be offered on August 29, October 3, November 7, and December 5. There will also be another session offered during a weekend in September

  • Students will be able to register for these sessions in May. If students were previously signed up for a June test or are part of the Class of 2021 (current juniors), they will get early registration access for August, September, and October.

  • If schools are not open in the Fall or there are safety concerns, a digital SAT that can be taken from home will be offered in the Fall.

Many universities, including the UC system, have stated that SAT or ACT tests will not be required for the incoming Class of 2021. Nevertheless, the College Board and ACT are both stating that any student that wants to take one of these tests will be able to.

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