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Providing Exceptional Tutoring Services for Students of All Grade Levels

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Doing well in your middle school and high school classes is the foundation for your future success. Our tutors can help you get up to speed on your most difficult classes and get ahead. We provide help at all levels, including:

AP Calculus

AP Chmeistry

AP Biology



And Much More

How can you help your child fulfill their potential and get on track for future success?

Getting everything right seems overwhelming. What classes should they take? What should they do in their free time? How can they maximize their GPA, SAT, ACT, AP’s, and more? How can they find the time to balance academics, extracurricular activities, and sports?


Elm Tutors can help your child get on track towards putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to reach their academic goals, whether that is going to an Ivy League, a UC school, or somewhere else. We can help your child with one on one tutoring, standardized testing, or college admission consulting. Our experts have gone through this same system and know what your child needs to do.


College admissions is not random. The best students start early with a well thought out plan. We are your child’s one stop shop to get through high school, into the school of their dreams, and into a career that makes them proud. ​


Questions? Comments? We'd love to speak with you, with no obligations or purchase necessary. Call us or send us an email today.


Parsa J (Accepted to UC Berkeley)

Ali really  helped me with my SAT prep. Before him I had taken two other classes for SAT, but none did help improve my score. But Ali provided different resources, which really helped me improve my score. For my essays he helped me get a sense of structure for my personal statement, which I think was the reason that I got into Berkeley

Shaian M. 

Thanks to Ali, my mathematics skills improved immensely and not only helped me get ahead of other students, but also got me to enjoy the subject a lot more than I had previously

Afsaneh M.

We are so thankful to Ali who helped my son with SAT math prep, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Chemistry. My son got a perfect score on SAT math thanks to Ali. He was very professional and knowledgeable, very caring and kind who got my son's trust and respect immediately. My son was successfully admitted to UC Davis for Fall 2019. Thank you Ali for all your help!

Marlise S

I had originally reached out to Mohamad for help with upper division college biochemistry, as I had a gap of 10 years between this course and previous  courses. With his knowledgeable background and patient  personality, Mohamad was able to reteach me the basics and thoroughly cover  new material for the course throughout our sessions.

Mohamad truly cared for my success and kept up with my performance in quizzes, tests, and everything else. He  made himself available in person and through texts whenever I had any questions on  my own. I ended up receiving an A in my course and getting into the Graduate Nursing  Program of my #1 choice afterwards! If it wasn’t for his positive attitude, his passion for  my success, and his knowledge and capability, I may not have done as well as I hoped.  He allowed me to be confident in myself when answering questions in class, taking  exams, or studying with colleagues. 

Shireen T

I am extremely grateful to have been able to receive Mohamad's help with learning new material that has been introduced in my classes, especially when my own teachers were not able to spend the adequate amount of time needed to fully explain a topic. With his help, I was able to not only further understand the information that I had to ultimately learn, but I was able to expand my knowledge beyond that gained in the classroom. He is not only very flexible when it comes to availability, but he is also determined to help in any way he can. He would also evaluate the areas where I would need additional support, and would provide customized instruction accordingly.

Lauren S

In hopes of pursuing nursing, I had to take general chemistry as part of my required prerequisite courses. Chemistry was a foreign subject to me, as it had been more than 10 years since I last took a chemistry course. Thankfully I was introduced to Mohamad.

His understanding of the material, breakdown of the lectures, and guidance truly enhanced my ability and proficiency of the subject. In each session, we were able to analyze and reassess the lecture notes to ensure I understood and was capable of performing.

The tutoring sessions were one of the best investments I made during my academic journey. I was able to pass the course with an A, and will now be joining the University of San Diego’s Master’s Entry Level Program in Nursing!


Mohamad is an excellent tutor! His professionalism, communication, flexibility, and instruction will prepare students for success. I would recommend him without any hesitations whatsoever!

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